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  • Hemp clothing

    Hemp clothing (Cannabis plant product) has antibacterial properties and does not absorb odours. Hemp is the strongest fiber from all of the natural fibers, therefore, hemp clothes are durable. Hemp socks solve the problem of unpleasant sock smell. Hemp T-shirts are eco-friendly and soft.

  • Reflective T-shirts

    Reflective T-shirts will make you visible. Sweatshirts with reflective applications allows car driver  to notice you few seconds in advance. This may save a life. Perhaps sweatshirts with reflective tie will draw your attention. All these reflective clothing are without reflective stripes and looks casually in the daylight. However, this changes in the dark - you are not only stylish, noticeable and safe when jogging or cycling but you also stand out from the crowd anywhere you go!

  • Reflective beanie hats

    The reflective hat looks casually in the daylight and it becomes visible in the dark. Due to reflective yarn car drivers will notice you wearing the reflective beanie few seconds in advance.

    Reflective clothing will make you safe and visible. Such reflective apparel fits not only for runners, cyclists, but also for daily activities. You will also stand out from the crowd anywhere you go.

  • Tan throught swimwear

    We introduce one of the newest inovations of German company Solar – swimwear, produced from the Solar Tan Thru fabric.  With tan through swimsuit you will be able to forget all the inconveniences of tan lines. Tan thru swimsuits are more comfortable than regular ones, because they allow skin to “breathe”. They are see through neither when wet nor dry. Tan-through swimsuits dry out faster. The fabric has millions of pores, but specially designed colorful patterns conceal it. Solar Tan Thru® fabric works like an SPF 4-8 sunscreen.