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Hemp Clothing
  • Comfortable, durable and ecological
  • Has antibacterial qualities
  • Does not absorb odors
  • Has superior insulation properties
  • Releases moisture quickly
  • Is made of fabric which does not deform, stretch or shrink
  • Is wrinkle-free
  • Provides protection from the UV rays better than other materials
Reflective Clothing
  • Reflects light
  • It is noticeable in the dark and in the dusk
  • Allows driver to notice pedestrian or cyclist few seconds in advance
  • Looks regularly in the daylight
  • Fits for jogging, cycling and daily activities
  • Glows in the night club
  • Does not have reflective stripes!

Tan Through Clothing
  • Let's sunlight through the fabric
  • Body underneath gets sun tan
  • Dries out two times faster that regular swimsuits
  • Allows skin to "breath"
  • Is not see-through - coloured pattern conceals pores in the fabric.
  • Neither see-through when wet
  • No tan lines!