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About hemp

Hemp fiber is one of the oldest in the world – people have been using it for more than 12 000 years.
Over 25 000 products are made from hemp.
In the beginning of 19th century 80% of textile production (fabric, clothes, beddings, sails, etc.) were made from hemp.
First Levis jeans were made from hemp.
Hemp is used in US dollar production.
Hemp were never illegal in France, Spain and Finland.
Giorgio Armani grows hemp for clothes production.
Hemp fabric is also used by other manufacturers (Nike, Converse, Armani, Patagonia, Poli, Ralph Lauren, Oscar de la Renta)
Hemp fabric is much stronger than other natural fabrics.
Hemp fiber is resistant to the damage caused by water.
In comparison with cotton, hemp garments are 4 times warmer, absorbs moisture 4 times faster, are many times stronger and fireproof.
hemp fabric is wrinkle-free, deters moths and provide protection from the UV rays better than other materials.
It also allows your skin to “breathe” and dries out faster than cotton.
Hemp production prevents fungus and is antibacterial.
Hemp is usually grown without using herbicides, fungicides and pesticides.

​Hemp helps to avoid unpleasant issues.

About reflective clothing

Lithuania is closer to the North Pole (distance 3900 km) than to the Equator (6100 km), therefore, we get twice less sun rays than people living in Equator.
Reflective clothes allows driver to notice a pedestrian or cyclist few seconds in advance.
Light-colored clothes also reflect the light, but not as well as reflecting clothes.
Fluorescent clothes increases visibility in the sunny and cloudy day, but they do not glow in the dark.

Be visible for safety!

About tan-through clothing

Swimwear that allows you to get even tan is produced from the Solar Tan Thru® proprietary fabric.
Solar Tan Thru swimsuits are average protection from the sun rays. Sun protection factor is 4-5.
SPF indicates how much time one can spend in the sun. Multiply SPF 10 times and you will know how many minutes you can be in the sun without irritating your skin.
For example, if SPF is 6, you can safely enjoy sunbathing for 60 minutes (SPF x 10).
To get an all-over tan, it is recommended to apply SPF 4-8 sunscreen.
Especially even tan one can get when using SPF 30 sunscreen.
This fabric dries out two times faster than ordinary fabrics.
These swimsuits are more comfortable than regular ones, because they allow skin to breathe. Despite being made from a thin fabric, they are see through neither when wet nor dry.
The fabric has millions of pores, but specially designed colorful patterns conceals it
Do not forget to enjoy sun with moderation.

No tan lines.