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kanapeHemp clothing 

Years ago, in the times of nondigital world, our ancestors knew, appreciated and exploited the benefits of hemp fiber. However, in the last decade, during the domination of synthetic and other fabrics, this plant has been forgotten. Hemp grown for fabric was confused with cannabis used for medical purposes. This belief had no grounds. Scientific research has proved that hemp used for fabric has as much psychotropic substance tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) as, for example, gold in human body. Finally hemp regained its standing.

From the first nanosecond hemp fascinates by its properties. One of ten thousand ways of using hemp fiber – hemp clothes - are irreplaceable both in hot and cold weather conditions. First of all, hemp clothing have antibacterial qualities and do not absorb odours. It is the strongest fiber from all of the natural fibers, therefore, products manufactured from it are durable. What is more, hemp fabric is wrinkle-free, deters moths and provide protection from the UV rays better than other materials. It also allows your skin to “breathe”, dries out fast and absorbs heat. In comparison with cotton, hemp garments are 4 times warmer, absorb moisture 4 times faster and are many times stronger. Hemp is grown without using herbicides, fungicides or pesticides, hence is eco-friendly. Finally, hemp fiber is fireproof.

We are encouraging you to purchase comfortable, durable and ecological hemp clothing. Due to antibacterial properties you will not have issues with unpleasant body odours. Strength of this fabric and antibacterial properties are also very well adapted in the production of socks. Sweatshirts made from hemp should receive more recognition as well. Hemp solves problems. This is one of the answers why we know what to wear.

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