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sviesa atspindintys drabuziai Reflective clothing

Lithuania is closer to the North Pole than to the Equator, hence we get twice less sunlight than, for example, Brazil. As we spend most of our life in the dark and the number of cars is increasing, while the number of pedestrians stay the same, something have to be done to ensure our safety. Have you known that car drivers notice pedestrian or cyclist wearing reflective apparel 3 seconds in advance?

Therefore, we are offering reflective clothing which will make you shiny and visible. Perhaps reflective hat or reflective T-shirt with a bicycle or birds will draw your attention.  All of these reflective clothes are without reflective stripes and look casually in the daylight. However, this changes in the dark - you are not only stylish, noticeable and safe when running or cycling but you also stand out from the crowd anywhere you go! Our reflective T-shirts and reflective beanie hats - for all, not just for cyclists.

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