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idegti leidziantys maudymosi kostiumeliai Tan-throught swimwear

Getting a nice all-over suntan is now possible whithout being nude. We introduce one of the newest inovations of German company Solar – swimsuits, produced from the Solar Tan Thru® proprietary fabric. Solar swimwear let UV rays. With this swimsuit you will be able to forget all the inconveniences of tan lines.

Solar tan through swimsuits are more comfortable than regular ones, because they allow skin to “breathe”. Despite being made from a thin fabric, they are see through neither when wet nor dry. What is more, tan-through swimsuits dry out faster. The fabric has millions of pores, but specially designed colorful patterns conceal it. Solar Tan Thru® fabric works like an SPF 4-8 sunscreen. It is recommended to apply SPF 30 sunscreen in order to get an even all-over tan. However, it is important to enjoy the sun with moderation.

We know what to wear even when one prefers wearing the least.

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